Tuesday, June 20, 2017

इश्क़ का एग्जाम में होना

तुम्हारा पसंदीदा सांग कौन सा है ?
माधुरी और रणबीर का है न वह : बगदाद से लेके दिल्ली वाया आगरा , टीवी पे ब्रेकिंग न्यूज़ है मेरा घागरा...
यह सब शहर तो शेर शाह सूरी के बनाये हुए ग्रैंड ट्रक रोड पे ही पड़ते है ?

अच्छा तो तुम बताओ की तुम्हारी पसंदीदा हीरोइन कौन सी है ?
एक्टिंग में तो सोनम अच्छी है पर कर्व्स तो विद्या बालन के अच्छे है 

पागल कही के, कर्व्स के हिसाब से तो फिलिप कर्व अच्छा है जो इनकम और असमानता का रिलेशन सही सही बताता है 

चलो बाते  तो होती रहेगी कुछ खाना खाके आते है  , क्या खाओगी तुम ?
सैंडविच और माज़ा 
नहीं नहीं , इंडिया में ब्रेड मत खाना कुछ दिनों तक क्युकी उसमे पोटासियम ब्रोमाटे मिला है लैब टेस्ट में जो कैंसर कारक है 
तो तुम यह कोक क्यों पीते रहते हो ,  उसमे भी तो ब्रोमाटे आयल आता ही है न ?

खाना बाद में खाएंगे चलो कही अच्छी जगह बैठके बाते करते है 
मरीन ड्राइव चलते है , आज फुल मून है तो सन-मून-अर्थ एक लाइन में होंगे और अच्छी लहरे होगी 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ethical Message from Mahabharat

  • Human mind tends to manipulate things :- Ganesha ready to write Story but with one condition that ved vyasa to not to stop so he can not manipulate as per human mind.
  • Truth have number of dimension :- How to interpret Mahabharat ? There are number of interpretation – Within infinite myth of the eternal lies who can see the truth ? Varuna with thousands of eyes ? Indra with hundreds OR I with two ?
  • Right mean of the dharma :- Example of the Drupad king and Drona :- Dhrama said that – There shall be friendship between two equal . It’s in favor of the drupad king but Krishna said that – there shall be no dharma without Generosity.
  • Hypocrisy :- Dorna himself broke caste system as he was bromhin and became kahtriya while the same not allowed to eklavya.
  • Message of the story of eklavya :- If you can not become great by increasing own capability , you can become great by puling down other. As arjuna did to Eklavya.
  • Racism in mahabharat- Kunti don’t considered rakshash hindimi as their daughter in law but accept druapadi as their daughter in law.
  • Krishan against the religious rituals :- Why Krishna pick up goverdhana mountain ? :- Every year kansa performed yagna to invoke indra. Krishna opposed it and said to pray for gowardhan mountain which obstruct rain. Indra get fursion and there was flood. To save people , Krishna pick up gowerdhan mountain.
  • Intention matter more than act :- Krishna steal cloth of the gopis in Mathura but gopis love Krishna cause krisha do it just for fun while Druapdi’s chirharan became reason for the death of kaurava cause it for lust.
  • Man can become god :- Vibhisana- King of the lanka refused to bow to Yudhisthir ( Coronation ceremony ) but he bowed when he saw Krishna to bow yudhisthira. Krishna said :- he is ram who uphold dharma on earth.
  • Forgiveness :- Though draupadi discriminated the son of the surya , surya gifted the Magic vessel to the draupadi. This is the lesson of forgiveness .
  • Power of the desire :- Message of the story of savitri who bring back her husband form yama :- life depend upon two will – Desire and destiny. Savitri changed her destiny through desire.
  • Compromise is part of dhrma :- Duryodhan refused to give an inch of the land to pandava. Krishna said :- You yourself made yourself unfit to rule as you broke the rule of dharma to be ready to compromise.
  • Keep promise is part of Dhrma :- Karna follow dharma to be with duryodhana as he promised him to be on his side.
  • Importance of the Strategy :- Message of the Krishna and Krishna army :- A good strategist valued more than whole army.
  • Laxmi and Sarasati :- Presence of the Laxmi drive away the wisdom as happened in case of the Kaurvava who spend whole life in palace. And in poverty , when one choose saraswati it will bring both wealth and wisdom.
  • Self praise is intellectual suicide :- When younger brother criticize elder , he has not right to live. Krihsna said that : Why not you kill yourself by praising yourself ?
  • Right man to do right work :- Shalya king as the charioteer of the Karna.
  • Knowledge of the world is imperfect :- We surrounded by kuntis who hide truth due to fear and we also surrounded by karna who are friend but seems a enemy.
  • Law of Karma :- Every action has reaction even when it is innocent action. Kunti Killed eggs of the ant by pouring hot water on that. It resulted in the death of the all chindren of the druapdi by ashwatahma.
  • Dharma is not about winning , it about empathy :- Yudhisthir empathized  with enemy after war instead of gloating their defeat.
  • Knowledge not lost even when life :- After end of war in Ramayana , Ram send laxman to the ravan and ravan share wisdom. Same in Mahabharata , Pandava learned wisdom form Bhishma in end.
  • Greatness earned by Person and can not transmitted in dynasty :- Samba , Son of the Krishna became reason for the End of the yadav kul.
  • Web of Karma linked all creatures together :-Curse of the Gandhari became reason for the fall of the dwaraka. Seed of the fall of the dwaraka sown in Kurukhetra.
  • Self Improvement :- Mahabharata do not end with the victory of the pandava on karuva. Mahabharat end with the Yudhithir triumph over himself.
  • Viajaya and jaya :- Viajaya is about the victory of the matrial things which is about Kurukhetra. Viajaya involved both – Victors and losers. Jaya is about spiritual victory. Yudhithir unconditionally forgive his enemy.
  • Conflict between family and righteous :-  In Ramayana , Kumbhakaran and Vibhishan both were not agree with the Ravan. But Kumbhakaran fought with ravan as he considered Family first while Vibhishan stay with righteous. Same in Mahabharata with Yuyustsu and Vikrna.
  • Advise of women :- Whole Strategy of the kaurava set by the Male while Kunti and draupadi played big role in panadava camp.
  • Why Women not in the Army in India ? :- Though Pandava invoked godess Durga before war , they don’t allow the women in battlefield. Reason is , Killing women considered as the biggest crime in world.
  • Value of being truthful :- Yudhithir chariot never touch ground as he speak lie never. But when he speak Intentionally wrong fact about Ashwathama , his chariot touch ground.
  • Abortion :- Krishna didn’t forgive ashwathama as cursed him to the live and suffer in this world. Ashwathama killed innocence child in the womb of the Draupadi.
  • Complexity of the life :- Where god is challenged by man :- Action have positive and negative repercussion. Krishna killed many to mantain dhrma but Krishna is villain as per the mothers whose child died. Gandhandari cursed Krishna.
  • Blind love :- In one aspect , Gandhari was the reason behind the Mahabharata. She choose to blindfold towards her children.

    ( Notes From : Jaya by Devdutt patanaik  ) 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Aadhar – A Battle between India Vs Bharat

Debate of the India Vs Bharat is not new but the Context of these two words “India” and “Bharat” changed significantly in last few years. Earlier “India” considered as synonym with “Urban” and “Bharat” is "Rural” but with the advent of the technology and Socio economic changes changed this significantly. Now “India” is that which hold power and “Bharat” is that which still searching for some sort of “Empowerment”. If you able to draw pattern of the Implementation of Aadhar in various sector than you can easily find out prevailing cleavage between India and Bharat. Here is small efforts to help to you to find out that line.

Why Aadhar Introduce in Mid day meal & Direct benefit transfer (DBT) in LPG subsidy and not the Canteen of the Parliament? There shall be Aadhar link DBT Scheme in the parliament canteen first and all other sector later because Gandhi bapu said that – A leader is that which lead from front. If Government think that Aadhar and DBT will save money and increase transparency than they should embrace first and provide example to the citizen.

Government rolls out the DBT for the Fertilizer on the Pilot base. With Neem coated urea Government made sure that subsidize urea will not use in sectors other than farming- It was very good step in right direction. Now With DBT in fertilizer, Govt. want to ensure that Farmer do not “Overuse” the fertilizer which affect the soil heath. If so than why Government don’t introduce DBT in the Electricity subsidy? Over use of the electricity through the Air-conditioning pollute environment and the same lead to death of the poor people in cities due to heat wave. Secondly, Economic surveys of the 2016 and 2017 raise the issue of the “Bounties” of the rich and made case that most of Subsidies including electricity and air fuel benefited rich and not poor.
Why Government Make mandatory Aadhar to avail benefit of the Rail subsidy and not the Air India? In fact Railways is corporate like entity which earn and spent while Air India is like the subsidize entity which survival mostly depend upon the Government. 
Why Government introduce Aadhar for the Scheme of the rehabilitation of the Bhopal gas victims and not Introduce DBT for the Bungalows of the Parliamentarian? There are number of cases where Ministers, CMs , MPs don’t vacate their Lyutens zone and State capital bungalows even after 2-2.5 years of ending of their terms.  There shall be DBT for Bungalows Where Minister or MP has to pay full rent from pocket and Govt. reimburse the amount direct to bank account on monthly bases only till ending of their terms . This save the Govt. expenditure and also provide example to the people about government seriousness about transparency and Accountability.

In Last I like to Quote Gandhi bapu once Again as he said : “
I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people”. I hope that Government introduce Aadhar and DBT in the sectors where MPs and Ministers are link directly and will try to getting “Along with people”.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I have learned...

0235187 was preliminary dose of the learning but 0073151 was fatal one. Learning may help to burst many prejudices but it also gives you insight which contradicts many well accepted things in society and also in science. 

Most of teachers taught students that, one should have inside flame to achieve something. But no teacher other than experience can teach you that: Flame may take form of fire and it can burn you. In addition, I learned that, Flame become fire in most of cases and you have to learn to live with fire.

I learned that How it hard to teach a mother. Mother can make us understand anything easily but it’s quite impossible to make mummy understand. Some famous person said: - “If you cannot digest failure , You should not qualify to participate”. It’s nearly impossible to make understand mummy about this cruel reality.

In popular belief it considered that Launch of the Rocket in space need highest energy. Energy considered as constant with time but I learned that it variable with time. Some time it’s quite easy to pick up pen or paper but sometime it need more energy to pick up pen or pick up paper than to launch Space mission in space. Many time you may feel that the Sun is quite near to earth than the Reading table from your bed.

I write not because I learned. I write because I don’t drink alcohol. I write because I cannot listen music on high sound. I write because books are many friend and they cannot listen !